Brazil Nut Shortage


News from the rainforests of Bolivia - the Brazil Nut crop this year is down by 60 - 70%, mostly due to El Nino.  Bolivia produces about half the global supply, and reports that the pods are empty.  The trees are not producing this year, which also means the communities who make a living out of harvesting this nutritious nut will likely suffer.  Bolivian authorities are planning new strategies to counteract the shortage due to this crippling drought, such as cutting vines around Brazil Nut trees in the native rainforest which could triple the yield on individual trees.

This also means higher prices on Brazil nuts, if we are able to get them!  We will continue to include them in our Nature's Bounty Nut Mix as long as we can.

Hopefully these towering graceful trees will rebound from the drought, and continue to produce these healthful nuts in future years.

Fredlyn Nuts

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