Honey of a Salad!


Honey Toasted Pecans

Many of our customers buy our Honey Toasted Pecans to toss on salads.  Well, we do too, and we discovered the perfect dressing to bring out the perfect flavors.  Gaido's Honey Pecan Vinaigrette is a must for this salad. We added crunchy baby cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red and green butter lettuce and tangy dried cranberries.

Also add lovely avocado or dried cherries.  And, if you want a kick, use our Sweet & Spicy Pecans - we've taken our Honey Toasted Pecans and added a bit of cayenne.

Bon Appetit!

PS - Our new crop freshly harvested pecans should be arriving in mid-to-late November for your baking needs. 



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