Nuts and Type 2 Diabetes


Eating a few nuts a day can reduce Type 2 Diabetes

new study  published online in the scientific journal, Diabetes Care, found that eating two ounces of nuts each day rather than consuming carbohydrates can be an effective way to help control glycemic and serum lipid levels.

The participants in the research were split into three groups. One received muffins, another ate a mix of nuts and the third had a mix of muffins and nuts. Overall, it seemed that blood glucose control was best stabilized by the nuts-only diet.

Jenkins noted that, in addition to remarkable changes in glucose, there was no weight gain associated with the diet change, either, indicating that eating just nuts could be an effective way to lose weight, as well.  New studies have supported the theory that eating nuts can be an effective means to weight loss.  (We eat nuts constantly with no weight gain!  We call it "Quality Control".)

Diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage, particularly because so many patients are unaware that they have it. states that the best way to effectively control the condition is to exercise, eat healthier and lose weight. 

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