Pecan Crop is Late Again!


The pecan crop harvest usually begins each October on the east coast, mainly Georgia and South Carolina, followed by Louisiana and Texas as it moves into November.  This year the east coast harvest was interrupted by Hurricane Matthew, which destroyed about a third of the crop. Mother Nature doesn't seem to cooperate with our Thanksgiving baking needs, as we don't expect new crop to be available until close to December first.  

We try to get beautiful new crop pecan halves as early as we can, but already one of our shellers has rejected a shipment of Mammoth Pawnee halves because the quality wasn't there.  We will just have to be patient.

But we are still receiving regular good-quality shipments from the current year's crop of Fancy Halves and Fancy Pieces, so we recommend just buying enough to cook with now.

Thanks for your patience!



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