The Joys of Houston


Well, the floods aren't on the list.

But whether it's flooding or drought, we are survivors.  And there are so many things we love about Houston.  We have the most wonderful restaurants anywhere, many of which we supply, and many of our customers are creative entrepreneurs, starting businesses that blossom even in our not-so-robust economy.  It's fun to see, and we look forward to planning for our next Christmas season, as we start to do about this time every year.

But what we love most is our retail customers.  People stop by all day long to run in, get a quick quarter-pound fix of their favorite nut mix or chocolate goodies, or order a slew of custom-packed tins for all kinds of events.  And they chat, and we love it.  Folksy makes our day.  

So if you're in Houston, barreling down the Westpark Tollway, look for the Squirrel.  And stop by - chances are we're roasting, and it's worth coming in just for the aroma.


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